Couple caught with Meth after high speed chase

Couple caught with Meth after high speed chase

SUMTER CO., GA (WALB) - A Florida couple is in the Sumter County jail after leading law enforcers on a wild high speed chase through the county.

A Plains police officer was pulling over Justin Tankersley because a tag reader pinged off of a warrant in Florida, but he never imagined it would lead to a 30 minute chase.

Plains police officer Jason Bolden turned around to stop a silver Dodge Ram, things immediately got tense. The man behind the wheel, Justin Tankersley, takes off on 280 and turns off on a dirt road.

"This is where he starts, he throws out the cooker, 'cause he was actually cooking Meth as I was getting behind him," said Officer Jason Bolden.

Bolden fights to keep traction on the muddy road while maintaining a safe distance, hoping Tankersley doesn't start shooting. "Of course that was the first thing that ran through my mind because he was actually just going slow and it seemed to me that he was baiting me in," said Bolden.

Bolden calls for backup as the truck turns back onto a paved road towards Webster County at speeds near 100 miles an hour.
Luckily Webster County deputies are waiting. "I got a little excited then. I was like, yeah got somebody with me now. I'm not alone anymore." 

Tankersley turns around and heads back towards Plains He runs off the road and dodges oncoming traffic. A deputy works to slow down Tankersley by getting in front but it doesn't work.

As the chase gets closer to Plains, Sumter County deploys two sets of stop sticks. "He missed that one right there and then he's going to miss the second stop sticks."

Luckily Deputy Chad Ciani is ahead. "So I'm thinking to myself alright get ready," said Deputy Ciani. The veteran deputy successfully gets the stop sticks under Tankersley's tires, and slowly they start to deflate until the truck is running on its rim.

A couple minutes later deputies surround the car and pull Tankersley from the car and take him into custody.

Tankersley and his passenger, Beverly McFadden, face possession of a schedule two controlled substance with intent to distribute. Tankersley faces several charges of aggravated assault on a peace officer and a slew of traffic charges, plus what they're wanted for in Florida.

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