Elderly Albany woman is struggling without social security checks

Elderly Albany woman is struggling without social security checks

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An elderly Albany woman is no longer getting her social security checks and is looking for answers from the social security administration.

75-year-old Margie Lofton says she is stressed after missing two social security checks and is having a hard time making ends meet.

75-year-old Margie Lofton says she hasn't gotten a social security check in more than two months.

"I've been down there five times," said Margie Lofton.

She says she's owed nearly two thousand dollars and has constantly been providing updated bank information to the Social Security Administration here in Albany.

"Everytime they talk with me that's all they can tell you is that you'll get it in 3 to 5 days," said Lofton. "It's going on two months and I haven't received. So I don't know where they counting that from."

Lofton says the stress has made her weak causing her to fall on the floor just last week leaving a mark on her lip.

"I was so tired and wore out," said Lofton. "Friday, I fell and knocked my teeth out and it went through my top lip."

Monday, her electricity was cut off. Lofton's nephew helped her pay an extension so she can keep the lights on for at least another five days.

"My lights have never been cut off since my husband passed. Never, because that's what I get my checks for to pay my bills," said Lofton.

She's now relying on family to make ends meet.

"My son and nephew who live in Virginia they've been sending me a little bit of money to get me something to eat and the ones here they go to the store and if I'm lacking anything they'll go and buy it because they know what I eat," said Lofton.

Lofton says other bill collectors are now starting to call.

Lofton said she spoke with someone from the Social Security Administration in Albany today who told her again that she should receive her money within three to five days. WALB also called the office but got no response.

If you would like to assist Margie Lofton she can be reached at 229-434-7434.

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