Justice system adds support for crime victims

Justice system adds support for crime victims
District Attorney Edwards

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Crime victims in South Georgia will be getting some extra support from the justice system.

District Attorney's offices across the state are hiring additional victim's assistance advocates, people who will help crime victims through what is often an overwhelming experience.

Dougherty County is hiring one additional person, bringing the number of people who work on behalf of crime victims in the D.A.'s office to five.

Victims' advocates keep people informed of court proceedings and other legal help, but they also offer emotional support.

"Every crime starts with a victim, so it is important when a person becomes a victim they get all the assistance they can to help them be whole as best as they can after the crime has been resolved," said Dougherty D.A. Greg Edwards.

Other South Georgia district attorney's offices were also awarded grant money from Prosecuting Attorney's Council to beef up their Victims Assistance offices.

For Dougherty County, the cost for the new advocate is $40,000 and will be a 3-year position funded by the Prosecutor's Attorney's Council.

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