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Heavy rains topple some trees

Mike Sistrunk Mike Sistrunk
Chucky Mathis Chucky Mathis

All that rain over the weekend is being blamed for toppling multiple trees in South Georgia. Public works crews in several counties remained busy Monday cleaning up.

Big trees falling across roads in Dougherty and Lee Counties over the weekend made for dangerous driving, and difficult clean ups.

Dougherty County Public works brings in several employees and heavy equipment to move this large oak tree that fell in the intersection of Red Bud Road and Roxanna Road.  It fell Saturday night, and emergency crews used chain saws to cut it back out of the road.  Experts say the tree had signs of disease, and the roots did not hold, allowing the tree to topple over.

Dougherty County Public Works Assistant Manager Chucky Mathis said "Whenever it rains the soil gets loose of course around trees. And it doesn't take much sometimes to topple them over."

Because the tree fell on a fire hydrant and a water valve, crews had to use special care cleaning up this huge tree. In Lee County this huge pine tree fell across Midway Street Sunday morning. It was one of several limbs and trees that fell over the weekend after a couple of inches of rain.

Lee County Public Works Director Mike Sistrunk "The trees just don't have nothing to standy-by. It's mostly pine trees. And they just give in to it and drop over."

Homeowner Eddie Truluck said it sounded like a bomb exploding when the tree hit.  Now public works directors say homeowners should check their yards for leaning trees or sink holes.

Mathis said "Absolutely. Go out and check your yards and check around your homes and all. Make sure you don't have a situation that may result in one like this."

Sistrunk said "We're going to experience maybe a couple of sink holes in some areas. Especially where we had the drought at. Keep an eye on your yard."
These experts say if we get more rain and strong winds in the coming weeks, more trees could fall.

Lee County crews decided to wait to use heavy equipment to move that fallen pine tree on Midway, to let the ground dry some and not tear up the Truluck's yard.

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