Traffic flows again after Ty Ty propane leak

Traffic flows again after Ty Ty propane leak

TY TY, GA (WALB) - The traffic was flowing again on U.S. 82 west of Ty Ty, two hours after crews shut down the westbound lanes of the road and evacuated homes after to a large propane leak.

Officials said it was near the intersection of U.S. 82 and Brunty Road.

Thanks to neighbors who live near some propane tanks, emergency officials were alerted when it started leaking.

Owner Dan Richardson says he's relieved it's been shut off.

"You don't like to get those kind of phone calls, but the nice thing about propane is if there is a problem it lets you know," he said.

U.S. 82 was shut down within a half mile of both sides of the Soda Pop Stop, which backed up cars and trucks trying to get through.

One woman says she realized something was wrong when traffic came to a dead stop.

"People were coming around us like something crazy, they were just flying around us and that truck was halfway in the middle of the road," said Fitzgerald resident Teresa Ellis.

Richardson said they believe a malfunctioning valve caused the leak.

"One of them malfunctioned," he said. "We are not sure what caused it. We will look at it and see, We will have someone come out in the next couple of days and repair it for us."

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