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More trouble in the dysfunctional town of Meigs.

Mayor of Meigs Mayor of Meigs
Meigs Police Department Meigs Police Department

A former employee, charged with conspiracy to defraud the city was back doing work at city hall. Meigs Police discovered a fired former employee showed up at city hall. 

Rene Boyd Williams is charged with conspiracy to de-fraud the City of Meigs, accused of giving a friend a twelve hundred dollar credit on her water bill. 

Chief Gary Price said, "It brings up some ethical questions but legally wise there was nothing that I could do because her bond agreement does not forbid her from coming up here."

Mayor Linda Harris says that Williams isn't being rehired but was brought back to train temporary workers for two days.

Mayor Harris said, "I thought she'd be the perfect person for us to have up there to train the two clerks that we've actually hired."

Police say Mayor pro-tem Lavon Gasset has now resigned his position.  Meigs is without a city clerk and manager, and the mayor was recently arrested and accused of taking 80-dollars from the city without permission. 

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