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Editorial: EPA's 'Waters of the United States' regulation

The United States Senate took a stand to halt the unchecked growth of the Environmental Protection Agency, which many people think is getting too big, and too powerful.
The latest example is the "Waters of the United States" regulation.
This sweeping new law would give the EPA, and its federal bureaucrats, power over American farmers.
Gary Black, Georgia's Agriculture Commissioner said the law tries to give the EPA "control over every drop of water that falls on a farmer's property."
Zippy Duvall, President of the Georgia Farm Bureau, said the law "regulates ditches and low-lying areas that don't even come close to the definition of 'navigable waters.' "
Agriculture is the biggest business in Georgia. 
Farmers and ranchers are by nature good stewards of the land. We say they have a better idea of how to run their property than unaccountable federal people who have no stake in our state.
We stand firmly against the over-reaching power they would have in the "Waters of the United States" law.

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