Valdosta golfer hits two aces in one round

Valdosta golfer hits two aces in one round

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The game of golf can bring the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs.

Valdosta's Rob Elder certainly knows about the latter.

While playing Sunday's Blitz with his son and some friends, Elder stepped up to the par 3 8th at Stone Creek Golf Club.

"It was about 114 yards. I just happened to hit it pretty sweet, and it never left the pin," Elder remembers. "It just went straight in the hole."

It was Elder's first ever hole-in-one.

"At that point, it didn't matter if we shot 100, we were just going to have fun," says Rob's son, Kyle.

But the golf gods were smiling on the Valdosta native Sunday.

"From there on out, it just seemed like it didn't matter what he hit, it was going to be his day," Kyle laughs.

Elder birdied the next hole, and continued his stellar play.

As they approached their final hole of the day, the par 3 5th, a memorable day turned into an unlikely one.

"I hit it, and it just never left the flagstick," Rob says.

"He's saying I think it went in. I thought he was crazy," says Kyle. "There's no way you can hit two in one round."

Actually, the odds of two aces in a single round are 67 million to one, according to Golf Digest. But Elder had beaten those long odds.

"There's a lady in the back yard over there, and she says I saw it go in the hole," Rob remembers. "Then the excitement just started all over again."

The chances of hitting a pair of aces in a single round are long enough, but the chances likely skyrocket considering these were Elder's first career aces.

It's an amazing feat for sure, but for Elder, it's more than an achievement. It's a moment.

"I really remember the memory of having my son with me, and him getting to witness it," Rob says. "That was the coolest part of it all really."

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