Lowndes Sheriff’s Office checks sex offender addresses

Lowndes Sheriff’s Office checks sex offender addresses

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Georgia Sheriffs are mandated by law to register sex offenders, and to keep the public informed of where registered sex offenders reside, work and attend school.

Last week, in conjunction with 'Operation Watchful Eye' a statewide initiative conducted during the week of Halloween, Lowndes Sheriff's deputies and officers with the Georgia Department of Community Supervision conducted address verifications.

In Lowndes County there are 268 registered sex offenders. A total of 403 verifications were performed during the week long effort. The number of verifications exceeds the number of registrants due to most persons being verified a second time to assure they were not participating in Trick or Treating activities on Saturday evening.

In Lowndes County, seven registrants where found to not be living at their registered address, and they are going to be arrested. On Halloween evening, three people were arrested after they were found participating in Trick or Treating.

"The Sheriff's Office takes the tracking of sex offenders very seriously. In addition to our monthly verifications, we intend to make this a re-occurring event around Halloween each year. We have to assure the safety of our children" said Sheriff Chris Prine.

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