Albany resident had to prove his residence to vote

Albany resident had to prove his residence to vote

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One man went to great lengths to vote in Tuesday's election, having to prove to poll workers that he was eligible to vote.

Henry Caldwell has lived in Marsh Landing Apartments on Philema Road for 12 years. He's voted several times in city of Albany elections.

But on Tuesday, he went to vote and poll workers said he lived in the unincorporated county.

The reality is part of the apartment complex is in the city, and another part is in the county.

Caldwell went to the tax office to get a map and then to the voting registrars office to prove he does in fact live in the city.

"I vote at every election," he said. "Not necessarily because I agree with every candidate, but I believe in exercising your right to vote."

Caldwell said he has talked to some neighbors who were also turned away at the polls.

He suggests that everyone should check their voting status before the election, to make sure there is no confusion.

Caldwell said voting is too important to take a chance on election day confusion.

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