Tift woman has community support after explosion

Tift woman has community support after explosion

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - A south Georgia woman remains on life support after a terrifying explosion Tuesday night. She suffered serious burns at her home in a Tift County RV park, and was airlifted to the burn center in Florida.

Everything Valerie Bentley had was in the trailer, and in a blink of an eye, she lost it all.

"I was here not to long ago a couple of weeks ago just sitting at the dinning room table."  Missy King stopped by what was once was the home of her friend Valerie Bentley, a home that's now in ruins. "It's just completely gone it's just... there's nothing left." 

According to the Tift County fire department around 5:00PM Bentley was in her RV when it exploded. They believe it was sparked by a propane tank.

What witnesses saw, they can never erase from their memory. "I was trying to find out what's the matter then I see the trailer blew up," said Billy Ray

Bentley is currently in the hospital with burns on 65% of her body.

Neighbors tried assisting Bentley when she was running out of her home. "I heard somebody screaming and I went out and she was running up there to my house  you know hollering help me help me. "She looked terrible; her skin was falling off," said Mary Spivey.

She now is in the hospital in Gainesville, Florida, being treated for her injuries. According to her mother it may be months before she can leave.

"The main thing is just recovery right now.  To be to get her you know to get her better and to see you know where she goes from there."

Right now, several people in the community are working together to see if they can do something for Bentley.

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