Crisp County sheriff holding robbery class for local businesses

Crisp County sheriff holding robbery class for local businesses

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - The sheriff is working to make sure business owners in his county are safe while they work.

His office is teaming up with the district attorney's office to hold robbery awareness classes.

Cordele has had several armed robberies but this is more of a proactive decision than a reactive one. The Sheriff wants businesses prepared as more crooks may look for money during the holiday season.

It's arguably the most frightening sight for any employee—a masked gunman in your face demanding money.
Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock has an idea.

"Let's make sure that during the late hours and during the business hours that people inside that business know what to expect," said Sheriff Billy Hancock.

To prepare them, he's holding a robbery awareness class later this month with two goals in mind.

"One, [it] would prevent maybe some of the robberies. Two, [it] would definitely save lives and save injuries from taking place during a robbery," said Sheriff Hancock.

The best thing to do is always comply with the robber's demands—never become confrontational. To get an idea we watched two robberies with the Sheriff.

The clerk complies in the first one.

"He's not agitated. He's not confronting the armed robber. He's doing everything he asks him too.

In the other one, the clerk actually pulls a gun and gets shot. Sheriff Hancock says a big problem after robberies is that clerks can't remember what the gunmen look like.

He's giving everyone at the meeting two sheets that will be kept specifically for this situation.

"Presenting the sheet, it may jog your memory to be able to be more accurate for a better lookout," said Sheriff Hancock.

Convenience store workers around Cordele appreciate Sheriff Hancock's effort.

"I think everybody should have the knowledge how to protect yourself in the evening and we really, really appreciate it. And I will be there too," said Bianca McCormick.

It's something the sheriff hopes many other businesses will do as well.

Sheriff Hancock says the most important thing to do after a robbery is call 911 immediately. The first meeting will be November 17th at 6 P-m at the sheriff's office.

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