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Home invasion victim shoots back

Roosevelt Finney Roosevelt Finney
Katherine Sanders Katherine Sanders

Tuesday afternoon, a masked man kicked open the front door of a central Albany couple, and fired two shots.

Both shots missed the victims.  Then as the robber ran the home owner grabbed his rifle, and fired back. 

Roosevelt Finney and Katherine Sanders are engaged to be married, and say they are not going to let criminals run them out of their home. 

"This guy just came in there, kicked the door open, came in shooting. I ran, and he was running toward the street, and I fired at him. He ought to thank God I missed him," Finney said.

Roosevelt Finney and Katherine Sanders were sitting at their kitchen table when a masked gunman kicked in their door.

Sanders said "He stood by the refrigerator and pointed the gun at me. So I fell to the floor.  Then he pointed the gun at Roosevelt. Then he said give me your wallet."

Finney said no, even after two gunshots were fired in the kitchen.  When the gunman left empty handed Finney went after him.
 "I grabbed my rifle as he was running, I fired at him.  He ought to thank God that I didn't hit him.  Because I was trying to kill him."

Sanders said "I feel like it was a set up.  I do to.  It had to be a set up, for something to happen this fast. Because we don't bother nobody."

And the engaged couple says they are not going to let this incident or armed gunmen run them out of their home.

Finney said "No, I'm not going to let them do me like that. " Sanders said "We ain't going to let it happen."

The couple says they hope never happens again.  But they say they are ready to fight back if they have to.

Albany Police continue to investigate the home invasion.  The robber is described as a black man, wearing dark pants and a white shirt wrapped around his face.

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