Widow speaks out after Lee Co. fight

Widow speaks out after Lee Co. fight

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - The wife of a man beaten nearly 6 months ago in Lee County is upset that charges have been reduced for 4 suspects.

Patricia Adam says she'll never forget what she witnessed that night.

It's clear she is still shaken up by what she saw. She believes the fight warrants more serious charges than just simple battery.

Patricia Adam described what she saw after coming outside her home at 781 Flowing Well Road early on the morning of May 10th.

"JC was laying right there and Kent here. And as the cars rolled in to my driveway, the kids started piling out of the cars and basically right here is where the attack happened," said Patricia Adam.

She says the two were beaten unconscious. It's still unclear how many people were involved in that fight and why they were fighting.. but Adam is adamant that what she saw was an attack and not a fight.

"The viciousness that these kids unleashed that night is just, it's hard for me as a parent to conceive, but it's very real," said Adam.

The father and son went to the hospital but left without being treated. Kent Adam died less than 30 minutes later. His widow has no idea why he refused treatment.

"I think just the sheer shock of the situation and the attack. Neither one of them were thinking properly," said Adam.

7 people were arrested shortly after and charged with aggravated assault, but the grand jury recently indicted only Aric Cates for aggravated assault. Four others were indicted on misdemeanors simple battery charges. Prosecutors say the delay in Adam's death, a pre-existing medical condition, and methadone in his blood make it impossible to link his death to the fight.

"Because of that, we are not prosecuting it as a felony murder case," said Chief Assistant District Attorney Lewis Lamb.

"Even if they didn't literally kill him, this was a violent and brutal fight against my son and my husband," said Adam.

She wishes those charges would be upgraded.

Lamb said they have arrested and charged everyone that they can identify in the fight. No trial date has been set.

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