Ocilla votes on liquor referendum

Ocilla votes on liquor referendum

OCILLA, GA (WALB) - Voters in Ocilla are deciding today whether restaurants should be allowed to serve liquor.

The Ocilla Road-House owner is hoping to soon serve mixed drinks in his restaurant.

"It would be a total breakthrough in Ocilla we never had anything like this" Max Alford said.

Today, voters are deciding a liquor by the drink referendum. Many I spoke to aren't sure which way the vote will go today.

"I'd be scared to say that I think it would and I won't say that I think it won't" Cornelia Towson said.

But Alford is pretty confident that voters will vote in his favor.

"The people who live here now are so much different than the generation before us and because of that we're very positive about the results today."

If it passes, Alford believes that many people will want to stay in town when they dine out rather than go to neighboring cities.

"A lot of them go to Tifton or Douglas for dinner and they won't have to do that any more." Alford said.

This voter agrees this would be a good move for the city.

"It brings money to our town instead of making other town richer" Towson said.

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