Monitor to oversee Arlington election after controversy

Monitor to oversee Arlington election after controversy

ARLINGTON, GA (WALB) - An outside monitor will be brought in to help Arlington's City Clerk oversee Tuesday's elections to help avoid any potential conflict of interest.

The clerk's live-in boyfriend is running for reelection. However, she and the city attorney have refused to comment to WALB.

Arlington City Attorney Toni Sawyer still won't confirm to us whether she wrote this letter advising the Arlington City Clerk to step down as Elections Superintendent because her boyfriend is running for reelection.

In fact she hung up on us when we tried to talk to her about it today.

Some residents say they don't see a conflict with clerk Mary King overseeing an election in which her live-in boyfriend Tyrone George is running for city council.

"Mary king is a fair lady, and I don't feel like she would cheat," said resident Shirley Jackson. "They knew way before now that Mary Jane was going to run the election. So they should of said something way before now."

Tyron George's nephew said it's a small community, and he doesn't see a problem with it either.

"I really don't see a problem with it, when its a small community and in the past it has been the same situation, and I don't see a problem with it," said Daley Strallord.

The Mayor was unavailable to comment, but spoke over the phone, saying he's confident Mary King will be fair, and that will bring in additional help from Atlanta to make sure elections are run correctly.

His wife Veara Hudson, says people need to focus on the real issues, like bringing in more industry to the area, and stop stirring up controversy.

"Let's build up Arlington and stop fusing and fighting with everybody, it's no time for all of that," she said. "Everybody need to pull together so lets stop all this mess going on around here."

The Letter states that King stepping down would protect her and George from potential accusations of fraud. It also states parties involved could face charges before the state elections board.

The letter also states people could be subject to fines, and other discipline by the Attorney General's Office.

City Attorney Toni Sawyer did not deny she sent the letter to Mary King.

WALB has filed an open records request to find out for sure.

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