Residents prevent DNR from catching Albany gator

Residents prevent DNR from catching Albany gator

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - DNR officials say residents are making it hard to catch that gator in Albany's Lake Loretta.

A nuisance trapper set several hooks around the lake in an attempt to catch the 6-foot gator, but people have pulled the hooks from the water and tied them to trees.

The DNR says they are reassessing how to go about catching the gator and advise everyone to avoid feeding the reptile.

"If it gets used to people then it'll start coming up closer to people and we don't want the gator in close proximity. Anytime you get people and gators in real close proximity, then the situation, the risk of something happening increases," said Alan Isler with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Isler says no crime has been committed but the interference has made their job much tougher.

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