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Grady tornado causes damage, not injuries

Sheila Tuggle Sheila Tuggle
Mary Dees Mary Dees

A relieved mother is grateful her son and nephew escaped a tornado in Grady County without getting hurt. The National Weather Service says that twister was a small E-F0 tornado with winds up to 75 miles per hour.

The boys are fine.  You can see the roof of this barn is coming off.  The boys were stuck outside near this barn and had to hide out and hold on.

"It's just amazing they are alive." Shelia Tuggle is thankful her son is alive after he had to ride out a tornado near a barn because they did not have enough time to move to a safer area.

"They come down tin just started flapping over that. My son said they got up under here, this old grader we use to have and tin just started going."

According to the National Weather Service, the highest winds were about 75 miles per hour. The boys were outside when the storm hit.

"So he tackled the other boy and let the tin go on by and they went and come over here somewhere and held on to a tree and they said they can feel their body lifting," said Tuggle

Right after the storm one of the boys went to check on their aunt who lives next door and rode it out in her house. "When he come to see me he was covered in mud so I knew he had been out in it," said Mary Dees.

Mary Dees heard the storm go by.  "I heard something pop like an explosion and then when I got up it was on after that. You know I just heard things hitting the house got down on the floor and then within a few minutes it was over."

Tuggle said her family who lives around this area is just happy her family is safe. "Thank God everyone in the community is fine. We just got some tin down and limbs and we just thankful to be alive."

Now they are happy to be alive and the aunt who lives here says everyone has been cleaning up since this morning. They've been able to clean most it up and they will continue clean up tomorrow.

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