ADDU has a new leader

ADDU has a new leader
Dice (left) with Sheriff Sproul
Dice (left) with Sheriff Sproul

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Major Prurince Dice was named new Albany Dougherty Drug Unit commander, and introduced to the Dougherty County Commission Monday morning.

He replaces Major Bill Berry, who retired earlier this year.

Dice is 36 years old, is an Albany native, and has 14 years experience as a law enforcement officer. He previously served with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, and with the Albany Police Department.  Dice said. "We will target these areas where we need to decrease our criminal activity."

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul said Dice was the top candidate after a four-month search by the committee. The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit is funded by a grant, and is overseen by the Albany Police Chief, the Dougherty County Sheriff, the Dougherty County Police chief, and the District Attorney.

Law enforcement heads say drugs are intertwined with most of the county's crime, and that's why the drug unit commander job is so important.

Sheriff Sproul said "Most of the inmates who are locked up in the Dougherty County jail I would be have some interaction with drugs or drug abuse."

Dougherty County Police Chief Jackie Battle said, "Just like most cities there is a drug problem here.  And he's aware of that."

"It used to be crack cocaine, but we are getting in on the heroin issue.  Just like the prescription pills, they have become a major problem for the community," Dice said.

Law enforcement heads say the Drug Unit is the best resource for the money to fight the crime problem in the community.

Dice said he has a five-point plan to fight drugs in Albany and Dougherty County, and that he is excited to begin work. Dice also served in the Albany Police Gang Unit in recent years, so that experience in the streets is valuable as he takes over leadership in the Drug Unit.

Members of the Dougherty County Commission said that they were happy to have Dice in the position, and ready for him to begin his work.

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