Thomasville Fire Department Gives Halloween Safety Tips

Thomasville Fire Department Gives Halloween Safety Tips

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - With Halloween around the corner, Thomasville Fire Department gives us some tips on how to keep your little trick or treaters safe.

Officials say to keep kids away from jackal lanterns with lit candles inside them and if your little ones have costumes with trailing fabric like a dress or long tails make sure you're cautious so they won't trip or fall. Also be sure you stay with them at all times for their safety.

Chief Tim Connell with the Thomas Fire Department said,"Adult supervision. Make sure you get a responsible adult to go with them, to watch out for them, kids are excited about the night, and the candy and they don't really look at their surroundings so adult supervision would be the main thing."

And officials say if anyone is caught on fire, stop, drop, and roll!

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