Thomasville mother assaults an officer and a school principal

Thomasville mother assaults an officer and a school principal

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A mother is behind bars in Thomasville tonight after investigators say she assaulted an officer and a Thomas County School Principal.

Latisha Mathis does not have legal custody of her child but that didn't stop her from trying to visit her child in school. Officials say yesterday morning Latisha went to Garrison Pilcher Elementary School and insisted on going inside the classrooms.

Public Information Officer Steve Jones said,  "She insisted that she was going to see the child and that was not going to occur we're there to protect the children, the school is going to do everything to protect the children, this is not where we're going to do child custody issues."

Sheriff's investigators say school officials told her she was not allowed to go it and Mathis didn't react well.

Jones added,"Ms. Mathis wasn't going to hear anything, she was going to do her thing. She insisted on going down the hallways and Ms.Spires told her she was not allowed to go down the hallways."

When Mathis was told to leave school property, investigators say she attacked a deputy officer, causing a bloody lip and kicking the school's principal in the knee.

Jones said, "They became physically engaged, Ms. Spires took her down to the ground Ms. Mathis fought continued to fight and struggled with the assistant principal... came into help Ms. Spires restrain Ms. Mathis."

Mathis was arrested last night and charged with 3 misdemeanors and 1 felony, her bond is set for $3,500.

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