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Arlington city clerk urged to step down from supervising elections


Controversy is brewing whereas critics are calling for the current city clerk of Arlington to step down as the elections superintendent.

Those critics said clerk Mary King's live-in boyfriend is Councilman Tyron George, who is running for re-election.

According to a letter from the City Attorney, King recommended to step aside from overseeing the coming election.

The letter states:

"... in the event Councilman George was reelected, their minds would only process that you were elections superintendent; therefore, you would have cheated in order for him to win."

It also goes on to say:

"Your stepping back from the position as elections superintendent will protect both you and Council George from accusations of fraud in voting."

The City Attorney refused to say whether she wrote that letter, though she did not deny it.

King could not be reached to learn what she plans on doing.

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