Workers at Nu Image Salon and Spa goes Zombie themed

Workers at Nu Image Salon and Spa goes Zombie themed

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - At first glance the Nu Image Salon and Spa seems like a scene out of a scary movie, but no worries, it's just for fun.

"We usually dress up so this time we decided to go with a theme of the walking dead," says Owner Pam Folmar.

Not only is the salon decked out, but so are all the workers.

"We've had some awesome reactions, we had one lady that was kind of afraid to come in the door, and everybody has loved it," says Folmar.

Hair stylist Candi Cherry did all their makeup. It took about an hour to finish each person.

"Tried to get a little zombie, bought some old jeans, ripped them up, put on a shirt from goodwill, some old socks ripped them up, added some blood, did some special effects make up, with cuts and wax, and liquid latex," says hair stylist Candi Cherry.

And everyone agrees they look realistic.

"It was very scary to see myself like that," says Folmar.

It's become a tradition to get dressed up at the salon.

"Our clients have really enjoyed it and it's just fun," says Folmar.

Cherry started doing make up, and learned a few things online and ever since has loved creating creepy looks for people.

"Oh just the experience itself, I don't even care to make the money, I have so much fun doing the special effects make up and making everybody look so scary, and fun, it's so much fun to me," says Cherry.

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