Tips for keeping furry friends safe this frightful weekend

Tips for keeping furry friends safe this frightful weekend
Dr. Steve Whatley, Bush Animal Clinic
Dr. Steve Whatley, Bush Animal Clinic

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Halloween can be a spooky holiday, especially for pets.

There are many ways to ensure those four-legged friends have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

Halloween is the second most common holiday for pets to run away or go missing.

Dr. Steve Whatley with Bush Animal Clinic says the best way to protect pets from anxiety or excitement that could cause them to run away is to keep them in their own room away from the commotion.

If pets are outside during Halloween, Dr. Whatley says keeping them on a leash is critical.

You also want to make sure your furry friend has up-to-date tags on their collar.

However, Bush Animal Clinic says micro-chipping pets makes finding owners easier if they do get lost.

"A better way is to even have them micro-chipped so if they do end up at a veterinarians office or humane society someone can scan that pet, look up that number, and find the owner," explains Dr. Whatley.

Halloween candy is another thing pet owners should be cautious about.

Consuming chocolate, gum, and sugar free candy can all be harmful to pets, but it isn't just the sweet treat that can hurt animals.

"Chocolate is toxic to pets. It can cause them to have seizures, be very excited, and in large doses can even cause death. The wrappers too, probably more of a problem than the candy," Dr. Whatley says.

Pet owners need to watch pets to make sure they aren't eating candy. Owners also need to make sure they dispose of the wrappers.

If pets try to consume candy wrappers they can get stuck in their digestive track.

If your pet does eat candy or wrappers be sure to call your veterinarian and watch for changes in your pet's behavior.

Buying or making pet-friendly Halloween treats is a safe alternative to letting furry-friends participate in the sweet treats.

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