Thomasville Police hosts its first Pastors Summit

Thomasville Police hosts its first Pastors Summit

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The Thomasville Police Department is kicking off its very first pastors summit. Pastors are doing role play exercises such as when and when not use force. One of the activities include a virtual simulator to act as if their lives are put in danger and they're forced to make quick decisions.

Chief Troy Rich said,"The reason we reached out to pastors is because number one they are community leaders they have a large voice and if they're educated on the use of force process with police they will know that no matter what the Thomasville police department is always gonna do the right thing and they'll be able to clearly communicate that message to trust Thomasville Police Department and trust the use of force process."

The whole idea is to give them a better understanding of what members of law encounter every single day. Police hope working closely with pastors, will send a positive message to the community.

Pastor William Bradley said, "We got two different kinds of viewpoints you got people that see police one way and people that see the community in a different way but when the police and the community can come together and see both  the police and the community are the same."

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