Editorial: Albany State financial aid issues

Editorial: Albany State financial aid issues

The Albany State University Financial Aid Office scandal is an embarrassment to the university. It seems university leaders would rather try to ignore it than explain it.

Last week, we finally learned just how bad the fraud and mismanagement in the office has been for years, but we didn't learn that from Albany State.

We had to go to University System of Georgia officials and demand a copy of their investigation into the office that resulted in the firings of four employees and the suspension of another. It showed a culture of incompetence and malfeasance. Criminal charges are a possibility.

Interim President Art Dunning released a brief written statement about the investigation that did not give any details. Neither he nor anyone else from ASU would do an interview with us about the problems in the office or tell us what has changed, and why students and taxpayers should believe the problems are a thing of the past.

It's unbelievable that problems so serious could go unnoticed or unaddressed for so long. It's equally incredible that ASU leaders don't feel they should give our community the true apology and explanation we deserve.

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