First responders free boy from bike entrapment

First responders free boy from bike entrapment

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Help came to the rescue when a 4-year-old boy's leg got stuck in his bicycle.  Firefighters and paramedics worked to free Anvil Pressley's leg, stuck in his bicycle Sunday.  His mother Jamie Pressley said she was shocked when she called 911 for help.

"It was a relief. Leesburg Police showed up. The firefighters showed up. EMT's showed up."

Paramedics said this is what public safety workers do. Help people. Lee County EMS Paramedic Sara Brown said "Something we thought on the way there wasn't going to be a big issues.  But it turned out to be a 20 minute event. We handled it though."

It turned out the boys leg was really hung, so firefighters sprung into action. Lee County Paramedic Zack Fender said "We actually took the little boy's bike tire off. Was able to get his leg out and put it back on.  And he actually rode away from the situation. Smiling, having a good time."

After posing for pictures that were shared on Facebook,  Jamie Pressley is still thanking all the first responders. "It was amazing, definitely. To have that much attention so quick. So I was proud. Proud of our community.  Everybody immediately rushed to help us."

"What if we hadn't been there?" Brown asked. "What if our services weren't around to help, when those things happen? So she was definitely thankful and we were thankful to be able to help."

First responders say the community should know it's not just big disasters they are ready for.
"They see the ambulance lights and siren, it's the little stuff like that we do as well," Fender said.

And a little boy's bike Sunday ride was saved. His mother says Four year old Anvil is a tough guy. After his leg was freed he jumped right back on the bike and rode home. The pictures were shared on Facebook, bringing a lot of good attention to the first responders.

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