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Gun removal, arrest eases minds in Dawson

Officers later arrested Shawntavious Polite, a junior at the school. Officers later arrested Shawntavious Polite, a junior at the school.
Sheriff Bowens Sheriff Bowens
School Policy School Policy

A Terrell County High School Junior charged with bringing a weapon to school, is still behind bars.

Both the principal and the school resource officer are being applauded by parents and community members for their quick action to safely remove an unloaded pistol from 18-year-old Shawntavious Polite while he was walking in a crowd of students.

Terrell County High parents say they were shocked when they heard a gun was brought to the school.

"I felt devastated now," said Iris Ware "It's a dangerous situation you know you have got kids out here even though it wasn't loaded you still have to look at it."

Polite is facing criminal charges for bringing a gun to school. "I think he has a $5,000 bond, but he hasn't made it yet," said Sheriff John Bowens.

When Polite does make his bond, and is released from jail, he will face his school tribunal. In the Terrell County High School student code of conduct, there is a zero tolerance policy for bringing a weapon to school.

The School's Principal tells us it is very likely Polite will be suspended for one year from school.   The high school's resource officer says students today are preparing for Homecoming Friday, and says this kind of incident is very rare at Terrell High.

"You are going to have those incidents you don't know when they will happen but you hope you have a plan in place to handle them when they do occur."

And, parents and school leaders say they feel safe in school. Ware says now she feels her child is safe in school.

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