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Frank the gator has a fan club

Beth Clark Beth Clark
Stacy Medlock Stacy Medlock

Now that the word has gotten out there's a gator inside Lake Loretta, more people are coming out to see if they can catch a glimpse.

We caught it poking its head out just a little today. Some people say the gator should be left in the lake, others say it's dangerous and needs to go.

"I think he should stay. I don't think there is anything bad with him being out here. The ducks might feel some type of way with him being out here but I think its a good thing he's out here," said Stacy Medlock.

"Definitely not, it's too big for one and second with it being a reptile, it will have to come out and have regular body temperature I guess you could say .They'd have to come out in the sun eventually. They are not gonna stay in the water," said Beth Clark.

Neighbors in the area tell us they have heard of any accidents and the gator seems to be keeping to itself.

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