Americus police on alert to car vandalism

Americus police on alert to car vandalism
Chief Lamar
Chief Lamar

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Law enforcers in Americus are reaching out to residents after recent car break ins and property crimes in town. They're encouraging citizens to get involved in neighborhood watch programs.

Americus for the most part is a quiet community. But recent breaks ins have police on high alert.  "Very concerning because this is becoming the time of the season where people are out shopping and minds are on many other things," said Interim Chief Herman Lamar.

 In fact, at least 29 cars have been broken into in October alone. The Chief says that's a significant increase.  "Many of these are crimes of opportunities. So anything that you can do to assist us would be greatly appreciated from the general public," said Interim Chief Lamar.

 For that reason, the Americus Police Department is once again encouraging citizens to get involved with neighborhood watch programs. They held another meeting this week to train 15 block captains.

 "Without their involvement, it's almost impossible to catch anything because if you don't report it, you see it and don't report it, we probably won't ever know," said Lt. Helen Sims with the Americus Police Department.

 Lt. Sims says the participation has been great so far, but now block captains need to take what they've learned to their neighborhoods to help fight crime.
 Tom Harrison is one of those block captains.

 "The more involved, the more that we're communicating, and we see the messages that are being sent from the police department and expressing their concerns and what's going on, the better and safer we're going to be," said Harrison.

  If something seems suspicious, call it in.  "We're here 24 hours a day. And that's what we're here for. Call anything suspicious," said Lt. Sims.

 Police hope more involvement like this will help lead to safer neighborhoods and less crime.

 You can call the Americus police department if you're interested in getting involved. Police plan to continue holding meetings in these neighborhoods.

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