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Dougherty schools like the charter system

JD Sumner, DCSS Public Relations JD Sumner, DCSS Public Relations
Dougherty School System Building Dougherty School System Building

Some potential changes could be coming to Dougherty County Schools in the near future. The Dougherty County School Board has approved a draft application to be sent to Atlanta to run the schools under a charter system.

School officials say this will mean less regulation under Title 20, and parents will have more input on their child's education. DCSS has submitted an application, hoping to get approval from the board of education to run the Dougherty County Schools under a Charter System.

It's not the same as a charter school, but will allow school officials to have more flexibility and follow fewer Title 20 regulations. For instance, each school will be overseen by a team that includes parents, who will have a say over school issues that include budgets, improvement plans and personnel.

"We know how important parental engagement is, and frankly a lot of our parents have a lot of great ideas on how to do things. We want to just encourage and grow that feedback, and we think it will help improve our schools," said J. D. Sumner of the DCSS.

It will also allow teachers more flexibility on how they teach their lessons, and will move away from standardized testing. They could even offer incentives to recruit teachers.

"We could offer incentives to help attract teachers to those high demand areas, those areas where we have a critical need for quality teachers," Sumner said.

Dougherty County School System is also working toward creating a college and career academy at Southside Middle School. This will allow students to dual enroll and attend college at the same time.

"Statistics are clear that students who are dual enrolled, they have better graduation rates. They are less likely to drop out. There attendance is awesome, they have fewer disciplinary issues, and just have a leg up on their competition."

Sumner says if they are run under a charter system they will have to show that their schools are making improvements, which is says they're on track to do. They will still get state funding.

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