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Caught on camera: Man breaks into church

Kevin Hopper Kevin Hopper
Andy Cahswell Andy Cahswell

Members of Mount Olive Baptist Church in Colquitt County say they were saddened to see their surveillance cameras capture 49 year old Gregory Paulk stealing from them.They had been feeding him and trying to help him

New surveillance cameras have been installed here at Mount Olive Baptist church for just a couple of months now.

But church members say they never hoped they'd be used to capture a crime like this.  "I was hoping it wasn't going to be him.  But when I saw him on video, I was disappointed," said Kevin Hopper.

Paulk broke in through a window Monday night, stealing a big screen TV and a DVD player, both used for Sunday School purposes. But Youth Pastor Kevin Hopper says this crook was no stranger. "I was upset.  I don't know.  I felt sorry for him.  I really wanted to help him.  I wanted to see him get back on his feet."

Just last week, Paulk had approached Hopper about needing food and wanting a job. "The comment he made to me on Friday was, 'There's only so much a man can take,'" said Hopper.

Pastor Andy Cashwell says they forgive Paulk, understanding that this was an act of desperation. "A television is something that can be easily replaced, a DVD play can easily be replaced, but this is a man's life. He is obviously going down the wrong road," said Andy Cashwell.

Paulk was charged with second degree burglary and vandalism to a place of worship. Hopper adds that he would love to be able to meet with Paulk again to help him find Christ.

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