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Firefighters get hazmat training

Hazmat Instructor Hazmat Instructor
Hazmat Instructor Hazmat Instructor

Firefighters across Southwest Georgia are participating in a Hazardous Training Program (HAZMAT) this week in Bainbridge. 

Hazmat instructor Debbie Dollar said, "It basically teaches first responders to be aware that there's a possible hazmat situation to begin with, and to be able to isolate. Which means keep the people away from it, and evacuate the people away from it, and call in people they need to help and deal with the situation."

Crews are taught when they are in contact with any hazardous material that are too strong for them to control, they must evacuate and call the hazmat team for help. If not it could take their life.

Debbie's husband is also a hazmat instructor, Richard Dollars says, "It could kill you within 5 to 10 minutes from breathing it. It could kill you in just a few breaths to some things that could even be absorbed through your skin."

Hazardous materials are more common than you may think, they could be sitting in your bathroom right now. These hazardous chemicals include combining bleach with ammonia, toilet bowl cleaner, rust removers, vinegar's, and other acids.

Richard Dollars added, "Those products itself don't mix well together and they usually generate a cloud of gas off of them and then burns the eyes, burns the skin, burns the respiratory tract of the person. They have a hard time breathing which then leads them to call 911"

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