Ambulance involved in morning crash

Ambulance involved in morning crash
Ambulance and 2 car collision
Ambulance and 2 car collision

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County Police worked a three vehicle crash on Moultrie Road, where one ambulance and two cars were involved.

Dougherty County Police say the ambulance was on an emergency run to another car crash, with emergency lights and siren on, going through the intersection at Moultrie Road and the Liberty Expressway, when 29 year old Kimberly White went around another stopped car, pulling in front of the ambulance, causing the collision.

There were three EMS employees in the ambulance, White and her two children in the car, but no one was hurt. 
With this damaged ambulance off the road, Dougherty County EMS is concerned by backups available.

"We're down to two. Obviously we just lost one this morning. We're working to see what we can do to get this going," Dougherty EMS Director Greg Rowe said.  

EMS officials say it takes months to get new ambulances ready to make a health call. "People don't realize that we have X number of trucks and we run seven of those a day.  And if you run out of trucks, we can't do our job.  So it's very important that we keep our trucks in good running shape," Rowe said.

EMS just received two new ambulances after a five month wait, but they are still being stocked and fitted for duty.  Now officials are working to get this one repaired and those ready.  They still have a full complement of seven on the road, but they want to have their full fleet of back-ups ready just in case.

Dougherty County Emergency Medical Services officials are concerned as an ambulance is damaged in an early morning crash.

White was cited with failure to yield to emergency vehicles, and improper passing.

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