Editorial: Getting out to vote for local officials

Editorial: Getting out to vote for local officials

The presidential election is a year away but there is still plenty of important races on local ballots in south Georgia next week.

Early voting for the November municipal elections will end this Friday and the polls will open across Georgia at seven a-m next Tuesday.

Several area towns including Albany have contested races for mayor and seats on city commissions and town councils.

If your city or town has an election next week, find out who is running and get out and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Many complain about the lack of quality leadership we have and then fail to take part in holding them accountable, replacing the bad ones and electing those who will take needed actions.

You may grow tired of our reminders about your need to get out and vote, but it's because the percentage of registered voters who came out last time was 14%.

Imagine if this announcement was to remind you not to show up, because you will not be allowed to vote because of your age, your race, your sex or your religion?

Consider the hardships faced by so many, the protests, the violence, the very lives lost, to win your right to vote. Honor their sacrifice and show up to make your voices heard.

And if you currently are not registered to vote, do so now! Georgia's presidential primary and 2016 primary elections will be here before you know it.

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