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Bainbridge approves apartment expansion

The New Apartments will sit on 1.6 acres The New Apartments will sit on 1.6 acres
Bainbridge City Councilman Bainbridge City Councilman
The new apartment complex will include 14 new units. The new apartment complex will include 14 new units.

People who live in Bainbridge will soon have a new option for housing. The City Council unanimously approved a rezoning request to build a new apartment complex.

"Well its an ideal place for apartments so I think the people of Bainbridge will welcome the opportunity to have affordable housing and convenient housing for the college,"said City Councilman Luther Conyers.

Bainbridge College students says it would be great to have apartments just across the street from campus. 

Bainbridge College student Brittani Chauncey said,"Traveling back and forth is definitely hard, but it would definitely help me if they do get these buildings in before I transfer. I'm thinking about transferring because I can't stay on campus so it would really help."

Brittany isn't the only student who has to commute back and forth from school. Other students said it may effect their class time by being late for school.

Another Bainbridge College student Dorrian Levens added, "Instead of them living out far and getting to school late, they can get to class early on time and be close to the school if they have to study."

Now that the property rezoning request has been approved, developers can start construction right away and the people of Bainbridge can continue to see new growth.

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