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Lake Loretta may be home to a gator

(Source: Mike Everett) (Source: Mike Everett)
Rob Peavy Rob Peavy

Some folks who live near Lake Loretta, in the heart of northwest Albany, fear an alligator may be hiding in the waters.

At least one person claims to have seen a seven or eight foot long gator in the lake.

We went out there today and didn't catch a glimpse. One man did tell us he saw something in the water that could be evidence of the large reptile.

"It was a carp that had been basically torn in half," said Rob Peavy. "You could the flesh hanging out of it. It was still alive but I was just thinking to myself, what could have done this? A huge turtle maybe, but in all probability an alligator."

Resident Mike Everett was able to snap a photo of the gator in the lake from a distance.

No specific gator disturbances were reported.

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