Candidate Profile: Lane Rosen for Albany Mayor

Candidate Profile: Lane Rosen for Albany Mayor

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany business owner running for Mayor says current city leaders are fiscally irresponsible.

Lane Rosen owns the State Theater in downtown Albany.

He says he was happy to invest in downtown, but there is too much focus and money poured into it.

Rosen said not enough attention is paid to other areas of the city.

In his opinion, the latest move by the city to buy $1 million bank building on Pine Avenue and move the Albany Utilities Board there is a waste of money.

"The city is out of control with their spending," Rosen said. "They are not being responsible with our money. They seem to be deaf to the fact that we don't have any more to give and they can't keep going in the direction we are going."

Rosen said many voters he speaks with believe the city is wasting money downtown without any real results.

This race is Rosen's first run for elected office.

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