Culprits in 'Tree of Knowledge' shooting at large

Culprits in 'Tree of Knowledge' shooting at large

BROXTON, GA (WALB) - A shootout in the small town of Broxton late last night left a man wounded, and police are still searching for the gunmen.

Police are not sure on what the motive behind the shooting. Neighbors said they have no clue, and they are surprised about what happened.

Roosevelt Holliman says that last night he didn't pay any attention to the gunfire outside his house. "It sound like someone was shooting firecrackers."

But it wasn't.  It was actually two men shooting at each other in area where people hang out that locals call the "Tree of Knowledge." A bystander Cornelius Fredrick was hit in the crossfire.

"When I arrived the victim was laying on the ground, and I think it was his brother applying direct pressure on his leg," said Rex Harper.

Fredrick was taken to the hospital in Coffee County and then transferred to a hospital in Savannah. Police say they came close to catching one of the gunmen, but he got away.

"Once we secured the area we cleared the house to make sure he wasn't in the house. It was determined he went through the back window and ran."

Police initially named one man, William Champ, as a suspect, but later cleared him in the case.

"Never see them over there fighting or nothing so it surprised me," said Eddie Porter.

If you have any information, call the Coffee County Non Emergency line at 912-384-7675.

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