Valdosta mayoral candidates remain confident with one week to go

Valdosta mayoral candidates remain confident with one week to go

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Valdosta Mayor John Gayle, former Valdosta Fire Chief J.D. Rice, and retired businessman Brooks Bivins all believe that come election day, they will be voted the next person to occupy the mayor's office at city hall.

But, only one of them will be proven right.

"I feel good about the election, I feel good about my chances. I've got a lot of support," said Valdosta Mayor John Gayle.

"Talking with people from all over the city, different walks of life, we're very optimistic about how things are going to turn out for us," said Rice.

"I'm kind of anxious; confident. You know, let God's will be done," said Bivins.

Mayor Gayle says this time around, he has had to listen to all of the things that people say he hasn't gotten done but he says this campaign has also been a very rewarding experience.

"You have so many people wish you well and so many people that have just gone out of their way to help me," Mayor Gayle explained.

Aside from being confident that they'll win, all three candidates are confident that they can carry the city into the future.

"We've got a lot of work to do to try to straighten things out, to get things right and make progress in a positive manner; justice for everybody and no favoritism," Bivins emphasized.

"Putting Valdosta first is our message," Rice pointed out. "That's what's my came has been about putting the folks in Valdosta first, in our decision making and how we govern the city."

"If I can continue on for another four years, I think we'll see tremendous progress," Mayor Gayle stated.

We'll find out on November 3rd whether citizens agree.

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