Children face felony charges in car break-ins

Children face felony charges in car break-ins

SASSER, GA (WALB) - Three Terrell County children are each facing a possible five felony charges after an early Monday morning rash of car break-ins on a quiet Sasser street.

Residents said they have been causing trouble for almost a year, but neighbors have been hesitant to file charges until now.

"I am just mad about it," said Miranda Dixon, whose car was broken into. "It's an invasion of privacy."

Paul Shaw, another break-in victim, says, "You have to wake up at 2 a.m. picking up credit cards, debit cards, receipts and stuff off the street. It is pretty upsetting, and it doesn't sit well."

Neighbors said two brothers, ages 11 and 14, stole their grandmother's car, then picked up their 15-year-old friend, and drove to a couple of homes located at the far end of Hattie Albritten Road in Sasser.

According to neighbors, they stole some chains from one house, then crossed the road and broke into three unlocked cars at the home shared by Dixon and Shaw.

"They took a pistol, her purse, and a wallet," Shaw said. "They threw that out all over the dirt road."

Shaw's iPad was stolen too, and has not been recovered.

The boys were in school Monday, and remain in the custody of their respective grandparents.

Miranda Dixon shared photos of where the boys emptied the pistol, and threw out the contents of her purse along the road.

Paul Shaw and another neighbor woke up during the break-ins, and went after the boys.

"We got in the vehicle, and took pursuit after them, they wrecked up here in the dirt road."

The Sheriff's Office is wrapping up their investigation, and neighbors hope the boys will now realize these thefts carry serious consequences.

Sgt. Aubry Suggs with the Terrell County Sheriff's Office says they have heard the "street talk" about the boys possibly stealing other items of value along the road, and they are investigating.

The complaint will be turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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