Meigs Mayor Harris speaks after resignation

Meigs Mayor Harris speaks after resignation
Mayor Linda Harris of Meigs speaks out
Mayor Linda Harris of Meigs speaks out

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Meigs City Hall continues to lose members. Meigs Police say the city clerk and the city manager resigned their position along with the Mayor herself.

Mayor Harris said, "I do have plans to resign because of these people. The devil has really taken me and my family through some stuff we don't deserve."

The Meigs Mayor said she was hoping that other board members would attend the meeting to determine who would make city decisions but right now the people of Meigs are without city leadership.

"We don't have anybody and that's what the meeting was supposed to be held for today." said Mayor Harris.

Thomas County Commissioners say they are in the process of setting up a contingency plan.

County Commissioner Ken Hickey said, "If the town did fall or go under, then we would step in and set up a taxing district. That does take a while to do that but if that happened, that would have to be done."

Mayor Linda Harris defended her side of the story and explained what happened with the 80 dollars and apologized to the people of Meigs.

"We couldn't determine if this was water bill money. We had put in every bill that came in, every money order. The 80 dollars didn't match up. I said this must be the petty cash," she said.

Harris also added, "Again I apologize to my citizens of Meigs for that going in there. Only thing I tried to do last week with the $80 was take care of city business."

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