South Georgia Humane Societies receive spay and neuter grants

South Georgia Humane Societies receive spay and neuter grants

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Several South Georgia Humane Societies receive a grant to help keep their animals spayed and neutered.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture gave out grants to 8 Humane Societies from the Georgia Dog and Cat Sterilization Fund.
The grants ranged between $2000 to $7500.
Funds come from the purchase of Dog and Cat Sterilization license plates, private donations and the tax check off box on state income taxes.

"I'm sure everyone can attest to the number of stray and unwanted animals that are on the streets of Georgia and these funds enable us to target those populations to County, rural areas and places where the funds are most needed," said Mark Murrah, Manager of Companion Animals Section at the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

They've given out $200,500 to 41 recipients in the state. Here are the South Georgia recipients:

Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary, INC-$7500

Humane Society of Terrell County- $5000

Humane Society of Valdosta-Lowndes County- $3000

BARC Humane Society- $5000

Bainbridge-Decatur Humane Society- $5000

Best Friends Humane Society in Worth County- $5000

Moultrie-Colquitt Humane Society- $2000

Sumter Humane Society- $7500

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