Georgia farmer offers tips on pumpkin growing

Georgia farmer offers tips on pumpkin growing

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Growing your own pumpkins for Halloween is not easy, but one farmer is teaching others how they can grown their own.

Greg Key, the owner of Hoss Tools in Norman Park, teaches small garden farmers how to grow fruits and vegetables at home.

Pumpkins are especially difficult to grow in South Georgia.

"We have a high humidity here in South Georgia and we have hot summers and that is tough on pumpkins. We also have a squash spore that bores up into squash and pumpkins that makes it difficult," Key said.

He said not to give up hope growing pumpkins in your home garden.

There is a new variety of pumpkin, called the Bulldog Pumpkin, that was created by University of Georgia, and it can withstand the growing conditions here in South Georgia.

You can only order Bulldog Pumpkins seeds directly from the University of Georgia.

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