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Georgia CHIP Program comes to Lanier Co. Primary School

John Moncrief John Moncrief
Kevin Moore Kevin Moore

Some parents in Lanier County had peace of mind Thursday when it comes to protecting their children.

Students at Lanier County Primary School had their fingerprints, photos, and other information, like their height and weight, recorded onto a CD Thursday. 

The students were participating in the Georgia CHIP Program, which is run by the Masonic Lodge organization in Georgia.

"All the information goes in a packet, [the] packet goes home with the child, and the child gives it to the parents. That way, if something happens to the child then the parents can take the CD and carry it to the local law enforcement agency and they put it on amber alert," said Mason John Moncrief.

As of Thursday, the Masons had already been to the school once earlier in the year and say they may come back in the Spring.

School Principal Kevin Moore said with the students' safety being a primary concern for the school, he gladly welcomes this effort by the Masons.

"Anything we can do that will help make those children safe, God forbid something happens, that we can get them back is a good thing," said Moore.

Thursday, the Masons planned to continue their Fall registration at the school Friday. 

The CHIP Program is free and is available to anyone, not just children. Contact your local Masonic lodge to schedule a time to go through the process.

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