Ag community teams up for road safety in Georgia

Ag community teams up for road safety in Georgia

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - It's harvest time for some major Georgia crops, but farmers are worried about more than getting their crops to market.

They want to keep themselves and others safe on the roads around their farms.

For 38 years, The Sunbelt Ag Expo has been the premier showcase for really any agricultural development and Wednesday is another first: the ag community is teaming up with highway safety to prevent highway accidents between farmers and other drivers.

This time of year when farmers are harvesting, officers see an increase in the number of traffic accidents between trailers hauling crops and your average driver.

Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black is working closely with Georgia State Patrol and farmers to help educate anyone behind the wheel- whether it's a tractor or a car, to practice good defensive driving.

Farmers need to always use a slow moving vehicle sign which is required by law.

But adding flashing lights is very important and can serve as a warning for drivers.

And drivers should put down cell phones, and not text and drive.

Officials hope this combination of good safety practices will prevent future highway accidents between farmers and drivers.

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