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Quitman PD Chief: beware of Flakka in candy

Wesley Ross Wesley Ross
Denise Wilson Denise Wilson

For children, Halloween usually means one thing...candy.

But Quitman Police Chief Wesley Ross says the drug Flakka, which is relatively new to south Georgia but is becoming increasingly common, is being put into candy by drug dealers and users.

"We've got several reports where they put the new drug Flakka in gummy bears and on M&M candies," Chief Ross pointed out.

The drug makes users very violent and aggressive towards themselves and others, which is why Chief Ross says it's so important to make parents aware of this trend.

"Eat none that's unpackaged, none that's unsealed."

Denise Wilson is a parent of children who trick-or-treat on Halloween. She says hearing about this trend is upsetting.

"They want you to get on drugs so they can make money. It's not fair. If people want to get on drugs, let them get on. If they don't, don't try to force it on them," Wilson said.

She says it reminds her to not take any chances when it comes to deciding what candy to let her children eat.

"If they get some gummy bears, best thing to do is just throw them away. Don't even let them eat it. If you think something's wrong with the candy, just throw it away. Just buy them some and be safe," emphasized Wilson.

Chief Ross says a huge spike in body temperature, sweating profusely, and hallucinating are all signs that your child may have eaten some candy with Flakka in it and you should get your child to the hospital immediately.

If you suspect your child may have gotten some candy that's been tampered with, the chief says do not touch the candy and call your local law enforcement right away.

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