Americus robbery victim's father speaks out against crime

Americus robbery victim's father speaks out against crime

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - An Americus man is worried about crime in his community after his daughter was a victim of an armed robbery.

Americus police continue to try to track down the man they believe committed that crime and others. Some folks in Americus want more done to prevent crime in the city.

Reginald Hicks says he doesn't want what happened to his daughter to happen to anyone else and that crime needs to be lowered in order for the city to thrive.

"I just wanted to know my daughter was alive, I couldn't go in," said Reginald Hicks, Father of victim.

Reginald Hicks says he was upset when he found out a robber with a shotgun entered the Family Dollar off Highway 19 last Sunday night where his 27-year-old daughter is a store clerk.

"She's re-cooperating, but she's still kind of messed up about it and upset about it," said Hicks.

Americus Police believe Ricky Lee Ford is responsible for the robbery and several others. He's seen on surveillance video walking by a Chevron gas station shortly before stealing around $80 from a man in the parking lot. Hicks says he's fed up with the crime.

"My concern is here in Americus they're trying to make it a retirement community and right now the crime rate is going up and up and up," said Hicks.

Hicks believes more jobs would help deter crime.

"It'll bring more revenue and maybe some of the crime might stop," said Hicks. "Like I said it might not stop all of it, but it will slow some of it down."

Hicks is encouraging the community to step up to the plate.

"One voice might start it but you need more than one person to try to get a ball rolling to get some kind of system, somebody to stand behind you to try to take this over," said Hicks.

Hicks says his daughter has not returned back to work at the Family Dollar. If you have any information on where Rickey Lee Ford might be you are asked to call Americus Police.

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