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Continued church vandalism spurs reward offer

Alex Lee Alex Lee

Lanier County commissioners are hoping a reward will help bring a stop to the ongoing vandalism of a historic church in Lakeland.

Sometime between October 10th and 13th, someone cut through the fencing around Burnt Church and kicked in the church's front door. As of Monday, commissioners were putting up $1,000 from the county's general fund budget as a reward for information.

This is the second time since June that the church has been vandalized and County Commission Chairman Alex Lee says it has been vandalized about half a dozen times over the past few years.

"We need to stop the vandalism, but we also need to add some fresh paint and stuff to the church and we don't want to do that without offering a reward and catching and stopping the people who are destroying the property," Lee explained.

Call the Lanier County Sheriff's Office at (229) 482-3545 if you have any information.

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