Salvage efforts underway in GA peanut fire

Salvage efforts underway in GA peanut fire
Crews expect to have the fire under control by Friday afternoon.
Crews expect to have the fire under control by Friday afternoon.
No injuries were reported.
No injuries were reported.

DONALSONVILLE, GA (WALB) - Crews have been working around the clock to completely put out the fire at a Donaldsonville peanut warehouse.

Fire Chief Dean King said workers are still unloading peanuts and flames are still visible. He predicts firefighters will have to extinguish spot fires until Sunday.

Officials ask residents to stay away from the area. Due to the drop in humidity, smoke will still be in the air and affect driver visibility.

Around 20 firefighters are still at the scene, fighting the blaze.

Since around noon Friday, flames have been visible in the back portion of the warehouse at the Clover Leaf Cotton Gin.

Donaldsonville Fire Chief Dean King said firefighters have an optimistic timeline for putting out the flames.

"So far the operation has went as well as it could be expected with what we were given to work with," said Chief King.

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Crews were able to put the fire under control by Friday afternoon.

Sessions Peanut company was storing 7000 tons of peanuts in the Cloverleaf Gin warehouse. Company officials said it was $3 million worth of nuts.

As the remaining parts of the fire burns, crews have been using construction equipment to scoop unharmed peanuts from the warehouse and place them in trucks headed for Alabama.

"We were able to open up the building for them and let them get in and bring some some of the peanuts out. Now whether or not they're going to do with them I don't know, I think they are still trying to decide on the quality and what they're going to do, but we were able to save a great deal of the peanuts that wasn't burned," Chief King said.

Around 70 firefighters from Several departments around Southwest Georgia came to assist the Donaldsonville Fire Department in the massive fire fight.

Chief King credits the southwest Georgia fire chief association.

"Part of our association is working together beforehand to be prepared in case something like this happens."

Although the fire is expected to burn possibly through the night, Chief King hopes to relieve the other departments and keep only local firemen on scene.

"We're just thankful it this point that our plan that we laid out is pretty much been accomplished up until now," he said.

Officials said the smoke will continue to be visible across South Georgia for the foreseeable future.

No one was injured in the fire.

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